Jerry and his partner in the fitness industry, Kevin Levrone, have gone through a lot in their lives, as have all of us. Struggles and challenges that people have are sometimes to overwhelming to share. Yet, wouldn't it be really nice if others had some sort of insight to your life.  Their concept seemed a little to personal at first, but when they were out and about with their personal message front and center they seemed to tap into something very poweful in the people they came across.

Goin Through It gives people the ability to express themselves without having to say it, share what they are goin through with a simple glance, a powerful message that can convey to others what they are feeling, Share experiences and start the conversation..or not. Communication is not always easy at times but how people relate to you can be of great comfort and help.   They came up with this concept to allow people to express themselves through the power of the tee shirt message. What has happened to them in their life and what they want others to know and understand about them. It is raw, it is real and heartfelt. Please listen to Jerry's story and his message. Please share this with others as everyone is, has or will be..."goin through it"

Thank you and God Bless



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